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«Amkodor-Pinsk»LLC was created on November 24, 1993 in Minsk – capital Republic of Belarus. Later in Pinsk was placed its structural department without legal entity right – the parent plant for bus production. In 1996 the «Amkodor-Pinsk»LLC was changed its legal address to the city of Pinsk. The parent plant for bus production, as the branch of the «Amkodor-Pinsk», have ceased to exist. According to the management decision of the JSC «Amkodor», in 1998 the «Amkodor-Pinsk-NTP» and JSC «Amkodor-ELPG» were combined into «Amkodor-Pinsk» LLC.


«Amkodor-Pinsk» is a legal entity unit, has a separate property, independent balance, bank accounts.

The total area of the factory is 14,1 hectares,the area of the industrial premises – 54 thousands sq.m. The number of employees at the «Amkodor-Pinsk» on 01/10/2011 is of 449 people, including 116 engineers and 333 workers.


Currently 160 units of technical equipment are used in the production, including:

  1. CNC vertical milling machines (Mazak, Japan)
  2. CNC horisontal boring machines(Doosun, South Korea)
  3. Plasma cuttings (ESAB, Messer, Germany)
  4. Welding machines (ESAB, Germany; Cebora, Italy).
  5. CNC brake press(Forina, Italy).

Deterioration of the main active funds, which are on the balance of the «Amkodor-Pinsk», is 27%.

The growth production rate of «Amkodor-Pinsk» in comparable prices in 2010 towards 2009 was 130%, in turn, sales volume in 2010 towards 2009 increased by 35,6%. The foreign trade balance in 2010 increased the level of 2009 by 6%.

Currently at the CC “Amkodor-Pinsk has mastered and produced:

I1. Road-building machines

  • Amkodor 732 – backhoe loader
  • Amkodor 6712A – 12 tones road roller compactor;
  • Amkodor 6632 – 9.2 tones vibrating combined road roller
  • Amkodor 6641 – 9.6 tones (with ballast, 8 tonnes without) self-propelled pneumatic roller
  • Amkodor 6622A – 10 tonnes, dual-drum self-propelled vibrating road roller
  • Amkodor 702EA, 702EA-01- excavator-loader based on the tractor MTZ-92P;
  • Amkodor 702 EB 702EV-01-02 702EV – bulldozer-excavator based on the tractor MTZ-92P;
  • Amkodor 134, 134-01 – loader based on the tractor MTZ-92P;
  • Amkodor 8047A – cold milling machine based on the tractor MTZ-92P.

Changeable working attachments:

  1. AMKODOR-134.09 – increased bucket;
  2. AMKODOR-134.10 – bucket for snow;
  3. AMKODOR-134.12 – load forks;
  4. AMKODOR-134.13 – forks for agricultural use;
  5. AMKODOR-134.17 – jaw grip;
  6. AMKODOR-134.18 – assembly hook;
  7. AMKODOR-134.24 – straw rolls grip;
  8. AMKODOR-134.36 – jaw grip for timber/lumber use;
  9. AMKODOR-133.33 –bucket with brush;

II. Snowplowing machines.

1. AMKODOR 9531 – auger-rotor type snowplow, based on the vehicle URAL-4320;

2. AMKODOR-37 –  all-purpose loader;

3. SNF-200 –  milling – rotary snowplow, based on the tractor MTZ-92P.

IIIPeat industry machinery

– AMKODOR 30 – peat stacking machine;

– А-42-10 – peat semi-wagon

IVOther special use machinery

– AMKODOR 371 – погрузчик фронтальный одноковшовый;

– AMKODOR 20232 – землевоз.

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